Vehicle Servicing

Modern vehicles have been designed to be serviced every 12 months. However, older vehicles or some that travel a high distance would require servicing every 6 months.

What’s included in your full Service?
Your annual Service is worked out depending on time or mileage.

We carry out a full vehicle check over, replacing all the necessary filters as per manufacturer’s specification, braking system depending on mileage. Service book stamped and all lights reset.

Interim Service

We recommend if you do a small mileage per year, an interim service between your full servicing which involves:

  • A full vehicle check over
  • Adjusting all necessary levels – minus the filter replacement

If you are unsure as to what type of service your vehicle requires, give us a call and we will be only too happy to assist you.

Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Why service your air conditioning system? Your car’s system requires servicing every 18 months. This is due to a build up of fungus and bacteria within the evaporate core. This can emit a peculiar smell and sometimes lead to an allergic reaction in extreme cases.

The service takes around an hour. This includes:

  • Removal of old refrigerant
  • System vacuumed and checked for leaks
  • New refrigerant added and the temperature checked

We recommend that the cabin filter is also replaced at this time. Available fitted from £19.99 + vat, depending on your vehicle’s make and model

Service lights and warning symbols

We have all the necessary software for most vehicles to enable us to reset any light or message.
With every full service booked we offer you a complimentary wash and vacuum.

Diagnostic Testing and Software

All types of vehicles have an engine management system. This can produce warning lights on your instrument cluster if something is not performing 100%. We have the up to date software and tools to enable us to fix any potential problems your vehicle may have.

Our diagnostic testing starts from only £24.99